Season 36 Reorientation and Renewal

To re-instigate basic theater concepts to its current members, Artistang Artlets has invited several alumni last July 27 to 29 in its annual Reorientation and Renewal Program. Its officers-in-charge, PRO External Camille Baria and PRO Internal Mark Mailom, have collaborated to ensure that the Season 36 members grasp all the strategic approaches every alumni discussed. Each… Read More Season 36 Reorientation and Renewal

Officers of Season 34

Xplore (v.) To take risks in discovering a new   Xpress. Xplicit. Xplore @ 34 Photography: TJ Zialcita Post processing: Dani Factora Danielle Joyce Factora – Artistic Director Marcos Gaston Stig Latorre – Administrative Officer Michelle Emily Lozare – Technical Director Jehoverey Porciuncula – Production Designer Klea Dale Lloren – Secretary Mary Crizette Arce – Treasurer Jennie Ver Gabon – Auditor Therese… Read More Officers of Season 34