Mission and Vision


Artistang Artlets, the Official Theater Guild of the Faculty of Arts and Letters believes in the artistic and theatrical inclinations and abilities of the students in the Faculty of Arts and Letters in pursuit of further developing and honing the artistic awareness both inside and outside of the Artlet community. We are committed in promoting theater as an alternative educational means which will challenge the intellect and awaken the sensibilities of the faculties and students of Arts and Letters.We believe that theater is a legitimate art form dedicated to the task of presenting quality entertainment, thus providing meaningful experiences among audiences. The organization believes in Theater as a mediator between faculties and students in building meaningful and beneficial exchanges for the betterment of both parties. It is also an effective means of showing compassion through reaching out to the less fortunate not only through presenting socio-relevant plays but through socio-civic outreach programs as well. AA helps in molding the leadership potentials and capabilities of every member of the organization to enable them to become responsible and competent individuals and model citizens.


Artistang Artlets serves as a community through which culture and the arts can be innovated. It hones the talents and potentials of Artlets community. It aims to capture the elusive Filipino soul and to portray the slices of life through the medium of theater. The organization serves as the official representative of the Faculty of Arts and Letters in various civic, artistic, cultural, and theatrical activities. AA aspires to promote goodwill and healthy relationships among the Artlets students and faculty. Lastly, to develop critical thinking, keen observation and in-depth analysis among members to cultivate intellectual growth while at the same time nurturing their finest sensibilities.