Revisiting Bomba!

Written by visionary and Gawad Ustetika winning writers John Michael Pena, Miko Jan Portes, and Rani Mae Aberin, S36’s first minor production surely captured the hearts, minds, and wits of its audience through endless punchlines and a much darker outlying theme.

The Groundbreaking, the Heartpounding, the Explosive New Musical: Bomba! (Yes, it’s a musical) takes viewers to extensive absurdities, while attempting to scrutinize Philippine politics, its justice system, and a futuristic outlook on what can happen to the country, based on what is happening now.

Set 30 years from now, Bomba tells the story of the Bombayanis, a group of rebels who are against the new ruling of the President: that love, being a destructive force that has been the cause of weakness in the country, should be suppressed and be put out of the picture. Out to fight for love to reign in the country once more, the Bombayanis will try to stop the plans of the High Office, headed by the First Tita and the President.

Bomba features original songs written by Mark Aloysius Mailom and composed by Shekinah Isles, Shyra Chug, and Eumir Sunga. Directed by S36 Technical Director Dana Imbing and produced by Xiayra Mae Magtibay, this heartwarming feat featured a veteran pool of actors as it is also the last production of Artistang Artlets’ senior members.

Staged last Mar. 6-8 at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium, Bomba took its audience to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows through its blending of comedic attacks, satirical discussions, and familial love.

[Photos grabbed from Fotomasino, Tomasinoweb, and Tomasian Cable Television]

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