Stoplight: JTLP 2017

Opening the second half of the season by teaching a theatre concept, this year’s Juniors’ Theatre Literacy Program (JTLP) featured the use of lights as a tool to improve and set a production’s mood and ambiance. Spearheaded by Johan Christian Centeno and Jozza Krizia Melle Landicho as the director and production manager respectively, Stoplight showcased three Gawad Ustetika-winning plays.

Anchoring on the season’s theme of duality, Stoplight made its audience feel the need to pick between holding on and letting go. Through Keavy Eunice Vicente’s Eulogy, which talks about the forbidden love between Paolo and Kristal; Jowie Louise Bigornia’s storytelling of Nick and Sophie’s undying love for each other in Five-Year Engagement; and Ma. Kristina Magno’s colorful storytelling and poetic attack in Bus Stop.

Staged last Jan. 31, Feb. 1 and 2 at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium, this year’s JTLP surely captured its audiences’ hearts, garnering praise for its dynamic acting and innovative use of technical design.

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(Photos grabbed from TomasinoWeb, Tomasian Cable Television, and Fotomasino)

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