Game Over: S36 Awards’ Night

The world of video games has never been explored the way this season’s Awards’ Night team did. Game Over, written by Diane Gundaya, directed by Lloyd Opalec and produced by Ryah Sunday Carreon, featured the colorful world of gaming merging it with reality or the human world. It was staged last Oct. 1 at the rooftop of the Dioresa Plaza.

This creative way of giving recognition to the organization’s apprentices has been a long-tradition and has never failed to bring both amusement and ample artistic value. With its stunning production design and improvised lighting, Game Over truly deserves to be praised.

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Best Script: Ken Alberio (PUNTERO Productions)

Best Production Manager: Kirstie Anne Areño (SAKLA Productions)

Best Stage Manager: Kanna Kitsu (SAKLA Productions)

Best Lights: Clarissa Sulit (CROSSROADS Productions)

Best Music: Aina Eunice Viray & Johanna Mendoza (SAKLA Productions)

Best Production Design for Set and Props: Ana Barbara San Diego (CROSSROADS Productions)

Best Director: Christian Lloyd Sibug (PUNTERO Productions)

Best Actress: Liz Mabao (PUNTERO Productions)

Best Supporting Actress: Alexandria Vasquez (CROSSROADS Productions)

Best Supporting Actor: Voltaire Ferald Avendaño (SAKLA Productions)

Best Cameo: Lourel San Pablo (CROSSROADS Productions)

AA’s Choice Award: CROSSROADS Productions

Best Ensemble: PUNTERO Productions

Best Group: SAKLA Productions

Best Play: CROSSROADS Productions

Best Adviser: Michael William Tan

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