Taya-tayaan: S36 Apprentice Showcase

To teach its apprentices more about the theatre world, this year’s Apprentice Showcase, titled Taya-tayaan, introduced the concept of site-specific theatre. Each production house applied proper aspect-management and devising in their performances.

SAKLA Productions staged their piece “Aklas” at the Rosarium.
PUNTERO Productions staged their piece “Kapalit” at the UST Quadricentennial Park.
And CROSSROADS Productions staged their piece “Russian Roulette” at the AMV Building/Carpark Lobby.

The S36 Apprentice Showcase was held last Sept. 29, with different continuous schedules of performances for these different productions. Numerous Thomasians flocked at the apprentices’ specific sites to witness theatre outside of an auditorium, yet experience the same artistic value.

S36 members after the Apprentice Showcase.

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