Hating Gabi: A feast for the eyes and soul

For its season opener, S36’s Seniors’ Theater Literacy Program (STLP), featured astonishing production design, technical design, and uplifted true standards of acting. “Hating Gabi” directed by former Ustetika winners Miko Jan Portes and Rani Mae Aberin and produced by Benigno Antonio Gesmundo, taught the concepts of stylized and realistic approaches in theatre.

The stylized approach is composed of unrealistic executions: in terms of production design and acting, and there is an over-correction for the technical directing and design. On the other hand, the realistic approach aims to provide a more concrete feeling to the audience, one that is commonly seen in the real world.

“Hating Gabi,” a twin-bill, staged Ustetika-winning plays: Miko Jan Portes’ “Layo” and Christine Emano’s “Sarungbanggi.” Layo tells the story of Ivan and Dina, a couple who both have secrets of their own. Both are afraid to tell each other the truth and the twist at the end surely gave the audience a shocking revelation. The serene piece Sarungbanggi, on the other hand, featured Bong and his daughter Anna, whom are talking about their past and are trying to get closure from both of their mistakes before Anna heads on with her life.

This year’s STLP ran through September 21-22 at the Tan Yan Kee Audio-Visual Room, and was also a community development project in partnership with Juan Luna Elementary School.

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