AA recruits more than 40 applicants

More than 40 applicants expressed their interest to join the Official Theatre Guild of the Faculty of Arts and Letters last Sept. 4, Auditions Day at the St. Raymund de Peñafort Building, UST . With the help of this season’s sophomores, the recruitment process has just been a breeze. Led by S36 Liaison Officers Jonas Garcia and Claire Sunga, Recruitment 2016 proved that the lack in number of freshmen this academic year is not a hindrance for the collection of incoming apprentices.

Interested applicants then were tested through several workshops and activities to let them push their limits and show their creativity. Several alumni also helped in teaching the applicants in different aspect workshops.

Directing – John Michael Peña
Production Management – Aira Megan Castro and Camille Baria
Technical Directing and Design – Dana Imbing
Production Design – Rachel Du
Stage Management – Shalom Gan
Scriptwriting – Miko Jan Portes
Acting A – Miguel Nico de Leon
Acting B – Shaira Javier

AA would also like to thank Appetite Evolution (APE) for providing their food.#AppetiteEvolution

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