Taya-tayaan: S36 Apprentice Showcase

To teach its apprentices more about the theatre world, this year’s Apprentice Showcase, titled Taya-tayaan, introduced the concept of site-specific theatre. Each production house applied proper aspect-management and devising in their performances. The S36 Apprentice Showcase was held last Sept. 29, with different continuous schedules of performances for these different productions. Numerous Thomasians flocked at the apprentices’… Read More Taya-tayaan: S36 Apprentice Showcase

Hating Gabi: A feast for the eyes and soul

For its season opener, S36’s Seniors’ Theater Literacy Program (STLP), featured astonishing production design, technical design, and uplifted true standards of acting. “Hating Gabi” directed by former Ustetika winners Miko Jan Portes and Rani Mae Aberin and produced by Benigno Antonio Gesmundo, taught the concepts of stylized and realistic approaches in theatre. The stylized approach is composed of unrealistic executions: in… Read More Hating Gabi: A feast for the eyes and soul